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AndrewPrenticePhD, FMedSci

Head of Nutrition, MRC Unit, The Gambia & Head, MRC International Nutrition Group, LSHTM, London, UK.

Role in EMPHASIS: Principal Investigator (Gambia)

Prentice was trained in biochemistry and then nutritional physiology at Cambridge University. His immediate post-doc years were spent in rural Gambia undertaking intervention studies in pregnancy and lactation. He returned to the UK to lead the Energy Regulation and Obesity Group at the MRC Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre, Addenbrooke’s Hospital. During this period he was involved in the development and exploitation of numerous novel technologies including stable isotope methods for assessing breastmilk intake and free-living energy expenditure (2H218O), and whole-body calorimetry.


In 1999 he left Cambridge to re-focus his attention exclusively on studying diet-disease relationships in mothers and children in low-income countries by taking the Chair of International Nutrition at LSHTM and establish the MRC International Nutrition Group ( The emphasis is on discovery science in response to a conviction that the development of more effective public health interventions is still greatly hampered by critical knowledge gaps. His particular areas of focus are on the interplay between iron, infection and anemia and on how maternal diet affects the epigenome of offspring.


Prentice has been a member of numerous national and international advisory committees on nutrition and is a past Chair of the International Nutrition Council of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). His work has been recognized by a number of international awards. He is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. He recently returned to take up permanent residence in rural Gambia.

Professor Andrew Prentice


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